About Us

Our vision is simple and clear. We focus on investing our knowledge capital to ensure our clients success.

We aim to form the closest of partnerships with all our clients and to build strong relationships based on integrity and mutual trust. Bridging the divide between the business and IT has been nirvana for many, yet achieved by only a few. At LAS, we help our customers and vendors achieve these objectives quickly and cost effectively.

Leadership Team

Sean Larner, Founder and Chairman


Sean began his career as a Metropolitan Police officer, rising through the ranks to join the CID, where he served on a number of specialist squads, investigating rape, murder and drug related crimes. He retired from the Police service in 1988 having received commendations from both circuit Judges and the Police commissioner for bravery in the conviction of serial drug dealers. In 1988 he joined Computer Associates (CA), a US based software company. During his tenure at CA he rapidly rose to run the European operation with revenue targets of $2bn and some 1500 staff under his management. During this time he was instrumental in the integration of CA’s largest acquisitions. After leaving CA, he headed up the International operations as President of Managed Objects for 8 years, before selling the company to Novell Inc. He has subsequently acted as CEO for several other technology companies across both networking and social media. A serial entrepreneur he continues to use technology to drive the pace in any business he is engaged in.

Liam Carabini, Director


Liam Carabini, has more than 25 years sales management experience in a number of industries such as technology, services and hospitality. He has a hands-on business approach with a focus on success and high achievement. He strongly advocates that the customer experience is the most critical element in being successful. Among his previous positions Liam spent 13 years at Computer Associates rising to SVP, Northern Europe where he managed a budget of $500m and a team of over 200 employees. He also served as Regional Director EMEA for Attachmate/ NetIQ and grew the business substantially in his 6 years at the company. His understanding of both domestic and international markets is combined with his awareness of new technology trends. Liam is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin.